Share Your World with an Exchange Student

Our cultural exchange program is made possible by our volunteer host families. Enrich your life, family, and community by welcoming an exchange student into your home. See which exchange students are available to host in your town by getting in touch with us today!

Why Did You Host?

We have a 14 year old only child and we thought it would be a good idea to give her the experience of having a sibling. Plus we wanted to learn about another culture and provide someone from another culture the chance to learn about American culture.

Sharon, Washington

I love that I’m helping a kid fulfill their dream. The relationships you make are amazing. We think of them as our own kids. I love sharing my American culture and learning of theirs.

Bridgette, Missouri

My husband and I are retired and this experience so far has been amazing. We will definitely host next year and our student this year is talking about coming back to visit after she graduates in her country next year. She will always have a home here when she is in America.

Judy, Arkansas