Experience a New World


Connecting American High School Students to the Wider World

Our Outbound program for American high school students is a life-changing experience. This high school study abroad program provides the opportunity to gain new perspectives in our ever-changing global landscape and a leg-up in an increasingly interconnected global community. The program is designed to be a complete and authentic cultural immersion with each participating student living with a volunteer family in his or her country of choice.

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What is Outbound?

Our Outbound program for American high school students provides the opportunity to gain valuable new perspectives in our interconnected global community. The program is designed to be an authentic cultural immersion. Participants attend high school in their country of choice while living with a host family and experiencing life in a new culture.


About the Program

We offer our study abroad program in New Zealand, France, England, Brazil, Spain, and upwards of 50 other countries around the world. To ensure the highest quality experience for our students, we work hand in hand with trusted partners to screen, interview, and vet all potential host families and supervise each student throughout their stay.


Build a Custom Stay

We do our best to accommodate requests from American students for personalized Outbound programs to any country, for any length of time. We work with over 150 foreign countries and can arrange personalized group or individual programs.

Programs Offered

We offer several different program options. Start and end dates may vary by country.

Academic Year

August - June

Academic Semester

August - December or January - June

Short Term

May - August